A new schoolyear has begun and at the same time the EntrEd programmes at school, also in our region, Extremadura. Extremadura regional government promotes entrepreneurship in formal education and each year more than 4500 students and nearly 400 teachers participate in these projects. Summertime is the moment to prepare the didactic materials which will be used in the classroom. Now our work with teachers and facilitators is crucial to sum up the efforts and to share a common and well designed vision and mission in order to work efficiently on the objectives set for our programmes. Our EntrEd programmes in Extremadura offer methodologies and tools to train the students to learn entrepreneurial skills and to design social projects, products, services, activities. Each programme is dedicated to a specific educational stage and has its own tools.

The educative community involves many people and entities. Common criteria and motivating contents are needed, especially in new processes. These are developed together with facilitators, technicians and teachers during our meetings where entrepreneurship and its implementation in the classroom are the core of the debate. In order to talk about and work on entrepreneurship, an adequate environment is needed as well as methodologies which encourage involvement and motivation.

Entrepreneurship is also at the heart of our work in the Entercom project. Our aim is to collect, share and put in practice related tools so that experts, mentors or facilitators can do better their work when they guide entrepreneurial projects. A clear example of the selected methodologies is that of gamification which enables to manage teams in an horizontal and motivational way.

But what has to do gamification in our Entercom project? Create and test activities, methodologies. It Increases people’s confidence in the development of any learning process. It has a clear added value for product or service design. Gamification has also a strong link to the digital world and it can help develop the technological side of any creative process.
Gamification is only one example of the methodologies you will find in the contents of Entercom. We study and we together develop new methodologies to guide entrepreneurial projects of commons valorisation and urban regeneration. Our aim is connecting people and projects sharing this shared knowledge with you all!

Here’s the proof take a look…