Developing an entrepreneurial project and transforming an idea into a reality is always a challenge. Not only for the person who takes the initiative and has the drive to put the idea into practice but also for the professionals who support the entrepreneur in this process. The confidence and cooperation between the entrepreneur and his-her facilitator is crucial to achieve success.
A good project does not only require a good idea and a strong motivation behind, the entrepreneur will need to mobilize a set of skills during the process to be able to step into a venture that can add value to the community.

A good project facilitator will help the entrepreneur to boost his or her potential: communication skills, a clear vision and a solid action plan among others. The ENTERCOM project consortium is well versed in that process and knows from experience the crucial role the facilitator plays. We the partners have experience in giving advice to entrepreneurial projects from different fields, in promoting entrepreneurship through training and in helping the entrepreneur to spot opportunities. ENTERCOM will now provide us with greater specialization in the field of urban regeneration and valorization of commons. The aim is to provide updated information of resources and opportunities for an economy that is destined to be more social and horizontal.

At the beginning of ENTERCOM, we had the opportunity to know European initiatives that can be considered successful cases in the reinvention of urban and communal space. A common characteristic in these types of projects is the development of a vision based in the participation and involvement of the community. They have all in common a long history and a strong rooting in the territory. We could also say that urban regeneration and commons valorization will bring new opportunities and challenges for cultural, social, public and technological entrepreneurship.

From Extremadura (Spain) we are committed with the promotion of entrepreneurial skills and training in entrepreneurship in formal and non formal education environments. Over the last decade, we have developed training programs putting into practice different active methodologies so entrepreneurial education programs are nowadays implemented from the age of 10-12 (last years of primary school) to high school and higher vocational training courses or even university.

The collaboration with the ENTERCOM partnership is giving us the possibility to add value to the programs that are being carried out in Extremadura. Our next challenge is to develop and share new methodologies for the monitoring and facilitation of entrepreneurial projects, and more specifically those related to urban regeneration and the commons. It will permit us to enrich our work with updated tools which will enable us to make the ideas and projects we facilitate more solid and feasible.
ENTERCOM is becoming a window to discover new opportunities in our urban environment and a real chance to open and share knowledge for the common development of this sector in our regions. Stay tuned!